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A rare bird, a Crested Caracara, was recently spotted on Harbor Island, SC August 19-21, 2022. The last recorded sighting of a Crested Caracara in South Carolina was in 2015. Crested Caracara's are primarily found in Mexico, Central & South America as well as south Florida...

The highly sought after life bird for many birders, The Painted Bunting, have made their returns to Beaufort in mid-April and are now nesting. You can see & hear many Painted Buntings singing their very district metallicy songs. Did you know that male Painted Buntings can...

Birds like Great Egrets, Little Blue Herons, Wood Storks, Snowy Egrets and Green Herons are raising their young all around the Beaufort area and the Sea Islands! Watching and hearing them feed is always quite entertaining! Parents are teaching their young skills on how to hunt...