The Rainbow Birds are singing their familiar songs

Birding Beaufort - Painted Bunting

The Rainbow Birds are singing their familiar songs

The highly sought after life bird for many birders, The Painted Bunting, have made their returns to Beaufort in mid-April and are now nesting. You can see & hear many Painted Buntings singing their very district metallicy songs.

Did you know that male Painted Buntings can have several partners in the
mating season? It is difficult to tell a young male or a female Painted Bunting apart, because they are both green in color; unlike their rainbow colored older males. Sometimes, if you get lucky, you will see a green Painted Bunting with blue undertones on their head; that is a clear sign this is a young male
coming into maturation.

Painted Buntings love feeding on White Millet.

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